HEART-FELT Appreciation:

for everyone sharing their experience and allowing me to be a part of their life journey. This updated page serves as a testament from my previous and ongoing peers.

…Greg has a way of showing up in your life and not letting you forget. It’s connection. It’s being present and in tune to your energy. It’s looking in your eyes and feeling safe and understood and loved…feel free to be completely 100% yourself around him because there is no judgement..Just love…
Greg has an innate sense; reading the body and refreshing the imbalanced. I would definitely recommend Greg to help get you back into your body. Utilizing resources and great teachers in the past present and future.
My life felt like I was stuck in constant turmoil and chaos. After my first session, I had a newly found sense of clarity. I was able to face each day and stressful situation calmly. It was such a rejuvenating experience. I feel like I have a new outlook on life.

…I was a little nervous at first but Gregory put that nervousness to rest (literally) as soon as I walked through his door. The entire session was so wonderful...He led the session with both a personal touch and a professional air that I felt at ease…

…everything about the entire experience was spot on. I continue to recommend Gregory and his healing sessions to anyone and everyone I come in contact with. Please come see him and let him be a funnel to the universe’s love and healing, and you’ll see what I’m talking about…
I went into my first session with an open mind and an open heart. Greg has a gentleness and professionalism about him that brought a calmness and overall peace to our session. I was profoundly impacted emotionally and spiritually from our time together. Greg was able to put a confirming voice to and address some of the imbalances I was struggling with. I felt an emotional release after our session and walked away feeling refreshed. I genuinely look forward to my next session.

Going into my first session with Gregory I didn’t really know what to expect, but I just kept my mind open and what I was given in return was amazing and almost indescribable. Gregory has incredible energy with the purest of intentions to help people become the best possible versions of themselves. I look forward to having another healing!

There is something special about Gregory and from the moment you meet him, his energy is instantly infectious! I was so glad to have crossed paths with him and have a session with him when I did, he helped me enlighten myself by guiding me through a transformative experience that I learned so much from. He is calming, kind, genuine and that made the whole session a safe, healing space. I highly recommend working on yourself with Gregory, he explains things so it is easy to understand and accessible to all. I look forward to another session with him in the future and am lucky to have him in my life!
Greg did an amazing job of making me feel completely relaxed and comfortable in my environment. His approach speaks to the whole body and mind, not just what areas hurt at that specific time, by channeling energy to help heal not only physically but emotionally. Greg was patient and took the time to explain to me his exact approach and what he would be doing so I could achieve ultimate trust in him and be completely open spiritual to his energy. Afterwards I truly felt lighter and this subtle tingling throughout my whole body.

I found it difficult to put into words the experience of energy work with Greg…some experiences have to be experienced by each individual...as only the process reveals what truly needs to be balanced and addressed. I believe that the only prerequisite is to be open and trust, but that happens innately as the process will prove itself.

Personally, I find the more aligned I am energetically...the better I am for everyone around me. It has healed old wounds, addressed generational demons, and addressed the physical manifestions of the chakra imbalances... It is actually easy and efficient energy work, and I recommend it [as] an integrative part of any healing and self care. It’s like a tune-up for your soul, and I have seen it change several lives.

Greg is very intuitive and gifted. His welcoming, loving energy will make you feel comfortable with energy work instantly. He is genuinely special and chosen to do this work to heal bodies and souls.

Gregory makes you feel more at ease just by simply being in his presence. He puts his heart into everything he does and it’s truly a gift to have a session with him. After my first session with Gregory I felt more clarity and had a better understanding on what I needed to do with the path I was currently on in life. I’ve had problems with back pain for years, and during the session I felt a lot of release in that area physically as well as emotionally. Overall great experience and I can’t wait for my next visit.
I am so thankful for my session with Gregory. Through his healing, tangled energy and old thought patterns were brought to the surface for me to observe. Following the session I felt taller, more confident and full of joy and gratitude. The next day I began to release the old, and physically experienced the purging process, but still felt gratitude. If you want to lose your fear and become more clear I suggest you see Gregory and experience his healing gifts. Thank you, Gregory.

In life we are easily consumed by the distractions of daily living. In many instances, fueled by the unrealistic expectations that society has us striving to achieve. We tend to operate as machines, powering through long days of work, paying bills, taking care of those we love, never getting enough rest, and waking up to find ourselves doing it all over again.

In the midst of it all however, sometimes we loose sight and attention to nurturing what’s also truly important: ourselves. Occasionally life is hard, unbalanced and unfair. But ultimately it’s what we as individuals make of it. Do we look at the glass half empty or do we look at the glass half full?

I realized I had subconsciously avoided a session with Greg for so long. In addition to being one caught up in the distractions above, I was in fear. Fear of exposing the self I had neglected. It was easier...to not identify with the mirror I would be facing—because not doing so meant it didn’t exist. If it didn’t exist I had nothing to worry about.

My session with Greg was vulnerable. It gave me the insight, perspective, and clarity needed to continue to better my self. It helped me to identify my weaknesses, to only push me forward to make them my strengths. It guided me to truly understand letting go of what no longer serves me and to make it my reality.

Thank you Gregory Goldin for an experience, an enlightenment, and an empowerment of self-awareness. You have a gift; a passion, and an influence that anyone and everyone needs to experience. Intentions are set and future doors to self discovery have been opened. For those of you hesitant or unsure, I strongly recommend you to take the leap, trust in the experience, and foster a better you.

The ‘work’ we do together affects us all.