No one ever said speaking your truth would be easy or the most desirable pathway to take. Speaking our truth involves sacrifice and a whole lot of growing pains. But once you’re there, you never accept anything less. Because when you begin to do that, all things true to you and your nature align with all you’ve ever wanted.
— excerpt from my first personal blogpost, 001 FUCK THE NEED TO CENSOR SELF
      You came here to learn more about me. Maybe that’s why we’re both here; to learn more about each other and how we can help one another in any way possible. I’m not one to believe in coincidences—I believe in synchronicity or alignment; that all things are connected. And quite possibly you and I are connected in this moment for a reason.

Like everyone I have a past. I have memories and moments that have influenced who I’ve become today. I am constantly evolving and becoming more me. To summarize everything through an About page would be unachievable and a disservice to my life story. Depth is felt, not explained.

But if you’re curious about my personal philosophy: I am a collection of everyone I’ve ever met, everything I’ve ever experienced, and anything I choose to give life to presently. I know each of us are given a unique perspective of seeing things, and how we perceive life may be of benefit to another. That through what we are presented with, we can choose to see what resonates, which can and will affect how we receive life as we know it. So choose wisely, right? (No pressure)

My first tattoo was a small wrist text: C’est la vie—“Such is life”—meaning: “That’s just the way life is.” There are things I’m proud of and things I preferred to have ended differently. I am human. The highs, the lows. The seasons. The ebb and flow of life that just is. Personally, one of my favorite epiphanies was coming to grasp that life isn’t happening to me—that life is happening through me, not to mention for me, always. Everything is here to help me. (And that goes for you too.)

The way I see it, only you could know what’s truly best for you, because you are the expert of you. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t know. And that’s ok. Maybe what we’re given is what’s meant for us at the time it is given. So who am I to tell you what’s best for you—although I may be able to provide a suggestion or opportunity to see differently. And that’s for you to discern what’s good or bad or however you define what’s desirable—as I have done and continue to do for myself. It’s through living and experiencing contrast, I’ve come to learn what I prefer and what I don’t. I constantly discover my preferences and find everything changes as I do. Making it a habit to do an inventory, and checking on my personal truths as they evolve, allow me to concentrate my time, energy, and focus on living a life congruent with my beliefs: to live my ideal dream life.

Everyday you’re reinventing yourself, your perspectives, your existence.

Everyday is a day for you to explore the you you’re meant to be. Don’t be afraid to find yourself or reinvent what’s already there. If I have any liberty to be able to give advice it would be this: Let go. Surrender. Thrive in new experiences, go beyond what you don’t know. Then let go some more. Let go of what doesn’t serve for the better collective you. Be open to the reinvention that awaits you.

I Am all my solutions to all the challenges I face—I Am the constant answer to all my questions. I say encouraged to solve because motivation comes from within and where does motivation from within come from? Food for thought.
— excerpts from blogpost, 004 DAILY REINVENTION

Everything serves a purpose. Everything happens for some reason. You believe what you believe and there is reason for that. You wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t believe what you believe today. But here you are. And here I Am.

You have the power to define what you think is reasonable. Reasonable as defined in the dictionary is something “based on or using good judgment, and therefore fair and practical.” You find the reason to believe something and give it reason to exist. When you believe something with absolute faith in all your Being, you create the state of conscious reality you end up experiencing as a result—you'll stay there as long as you're re-acting from there.

I remember when I was a kid and the thought that there were real monsters in the dark somehow came to be in my awareness. I didn’t feel safe and that became my predominant reality. I believed they were hiding under my bed and lived in my closet. Whether I was right or wrong was irrelevant because my beliefs shaped the reality I experienced. And because I, at that young age, not knowing about creating my own reality, unknowingly created the fear I was feeling and thinking and believing with mind, body, soul. I believed there were real monsters and that was that. What I believed, I received, and the same applies to any given belief.

Like many, I’ve done this on automatic, and adopted beliefs that I’ve picked up on my adventure of life—like when I was a young kid thinking there were monsters and suffered the consequences. Thankfully, I don’t believe there are any more real monsters in the dark, hiding under my bed or living in my closet. And thankfully, I’ve applied this same concept to my irrational fears and limiting beliefs, freeing myself to experience a more loving reality.

Sometimes, there is something that you once accepted in the past but no longer identify with it in the present, because you’ve outgrown your old ways of thinking. You emerge from your former limited belief system and see a new reality. Because, just because you don’t know it exists doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means you are aware of some things—and other things not so much. And that’s ok. Because if you were meant to know, you would know. And if you don’t know, then you don’t need to know at this moment of time. That’s very much okay and a part of why we’re here.

My word is truth. This truth is within you, waiting to be accepted in order to be experienced.
— Neville Goddard

What or who do you want to be? What does your ideal life look like? Are you truly listening to yourself? Asking myself these and other empowering questions allowed expansion. Being open and receptive to life brought me here/now. I choose the ongoing conscious effort to do/say/think/be in accordance to how I love to live. It’s a never-ending practice we all experience, and it only gets simpler as the journey of self-awareness unfolds.

With a background of methods from various cultures synthesized with my own personal gifts, my specific approach is to help you, help yourself. To provide clarity for you to channel your authentic self and connect with the true expression of your Being, bringing harmony to both inner and outer worlds. I reflect the truth you know within yourself and like any newfound awareness, once you know, you can’t unknow. And so, you become.

Sessions co-created with you provide guidance on consciously and deliberately living your life, fully aligned with mind-body-soul congruency. Abundance is available in all spiritual, mental, physical planes of consciousness—how much you desire is entirely your choice.

I AM passionate about empowering others to live their ideal life, on their terms, with total freedom. It brings me joy when others fulfill themselves. My mission is to make a lasting difference. This is my purpose. This is my truth.

Watching individuals thrive is a blessing and an honor. You deserve anything that makes you happier—and if experiencing my sessions could offer you any personal insight I am grateful to provide that opportunity for your highest good.

You belong. You are loved. Life is beautiful and it is a blessing to even be alive. There’s so much good we can experience, create, and contribute. I invite you to foster greater awareness in mind, body, spirit—and beyond. And I encourage you to live your ideal life—now.

Wishing Love, Light, and Abundance in your you-niverse,

How can I benefit you?

How can I help you to live the life you want to live?

…Greg has a presence that makes you feel at ease and in the flow. His personal energy is very adaptable and yet authentic, allowed me to feel safe and inspired to go deep. During my session I felt that Greg was a vessel for source energy to bring me the healing which was needed. I felt a complete integration occurring of mind, body, and spirit…I experienced healing on each of these levels…