PEER: one that is of equal standing with another

Everyone diving into this soul dive is to be recognized and treated as a Peer



peace of mind conversations

Group Guidance Calls

Join me and others weekly for Guidance from Love, to Love, with Love.

This vibe tribe is for those:

  • Seeking comfort, support, or guidance in life

  • Discovering through transitions, inharmony, and confusion

  • Exploring what you’re currently working through

As part of this collective community, you will continue to:

  • Be self-aware, in-tune with your Self

  • Have clarity, with greater sense and understanding moving forward

  • Know inspired actions and next steps to take

  • Harmonize, balance, refine, readjust and bring forth good



monthly commitment

One to One Sessions

Intentions. Discussion. Soul Dive. Your session begins with a meditative experience, inducing relaxation, introspection, and clarity. This is an opportunity to bring further awareness in body, mind, spirit, and beyond.

Together we invoke insights through intuitive instruction/experience of Self, naturally connecting with the core of your Being. You support your own decision-making by tuning into the wisdom that lies within. While based in Montana, guided sessions are available via video chat so we can work together wherever you are. Let’s celebrate your Being.

A flexible/structured approach supporting you to commit to a new narrative of your life story. Weekly sessions with steady momentum, at your pace. Progress requires committed and consistent energy, focus, and action. Your breakthroughs come as a result of discovering and then living from within your personal power, as we embark on the path leading toward your ideal life. This is not about my ideals, it's about yours.



Other offers include:


VIP Days

Weekend Intensive Focused on Accelerated Approach

Soulful Business Consulting

Crafting a Strategic + Prosperous Business based in Love

Daily Momentum Journal

A mindful tool that creates space for exploration and expansion—to empower, uplift, and inspire you

Let’s begin

If I can be of any benefit to you, please reach out. I am available in your service.

Not seeing something that feels right? Let's explore creating something that will…

…I had no idea what to expect, or even what I was hoping for. However, the idea of finding balance and realignment in my life was most appealing. Upon meeting Gregory I was totally at ease. He had an incredibly kind, and warm nature about him. I left my session feeling very relaxed and peaceful…I thought how strange and exciting that it all went together and I seemed to be being guided…